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Hello Beautiful Bride to Be!

Let me guess...ever since he put that engagement ring on your finger its been difficult to extract your focus from wedding blogs, sites and expos . You've probably lost yourself for hours on Google while you followed one little wedding detail idea on to the next.   And yes...Weddings are all about the little details.

But something happens at just about the time when your Pinterest Wedding board reflects your perfect dream wedding.  Frustration hits. You know exactly what you want but can't find it easily in South Africa!

This is where we come in.  We make all the coolest, sparkliest, most elegant bridal accessories, jewellery and bridal party  gifts available to you locally so that you can safely and  conveniently order from the comfort of your couch.  We offer affordable quick national delivery.

We are based in South Africa but also cater for International Brides.  

Let us take care of the details.

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